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Last updated 08/05/2020

2020 has been a year packed with unexpected surprises, and there is no better way to evade from reality and distract ourselves than by submerging in the magical world of fashion earrings

Earrings are sometimes overlooked in fashion by the unpolished majority, but the most avant-garde women know the importance of this fashion accessory and never leave the house without a beautiful pair of earrings.

I’ve met some women who don’t wear earrings at all as their daily jobs don’t allow for it. And this is understandable as far as you don’t fall into the dynamic of not wearing earrings. Even if you don’t wear earrings daily, make sure your wardrove has a special drawer or jewellery box for your most precious pieces that you can wear at least on weekends.

designer earrings

And if you are lucky enough to get to ear earrings every day, you can have an assortment of more discrete earrings and big fancy designer earrings too. For example, you may choose to wear more minimalistic earrings for daily routines and keep your big earrings ready for meetings and dinner parties. Or sometimes you feel like wearing the most iconic statement earrings on summer when the sun is out and we all have a beautiful tan. For example, you might choose to wear a big pair of Indian earrings with a nice boho look in summer, whereas winter allows for more neat and classy earrings as we wear more clothes.

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Another key difference we must keep in mind when choosing earrings is whether we want fine jewellery or costume jewellery (also known as fashion jewellery). For me, the answer is clear: it doesn’t matter. I am not much of a dogmatic person and I think a woman can choose to wear fine jewellery or costume jewellery as she pleases. For example, I have many clients who have great pieces of fine jewellery but they don’t have enough occasions to wear them or even are scared of wearing them for fear of being robbed. Also, many friends travel a lot and don’t want to leave fine jewellery in their luggage, so they prefer to take costume jewellery with them.

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Another advantage of costume jewellery is that it allows for playfulness as designers can really go crazy and develop the most impressive and crazy pieces that would have never been made in fine jewellery. I must admit I am a big advocate of costume jewellery. My designs use finishing techniques of fine jewellery and I have the certainty that there is no blood in my diamonds!

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Designer Earrings

Designer jewellery is often understood as “big name” earrings like Chanel or Gucci, and this is true. Basically you could call designer earrings to any earring that has been inspired creatively by an individual. And I like to add those designer earrings should not be mass-produced. Furthermore, when I think of designer earrings, I am thinking of pieces that have been designed with a lot of care and passion. Very often, my designer earrings go through many stages of development until I am fully satisfied with the outcome. For example, it is very common that I first think of a design by drawing or being out in nature. Then, I research which types of materials would best portray the look I want to give to my design, or even which materials would best describe the feeling I want to convey to the person wearing those specific pairs of designer earrings

best designer earrings

After this initial stage, I do a lot of research to find the correct materials, including the stones and work on various prototypes. Sometimes, the initial prototype can be made out of wax moulds, but I can also use 3D printing or the most “back-to-basics” technique which is just playing around with the materials in my workshop.

This process can extend for weeks until I completely feel my design. Everything must be right and there are lots of small corrections: just moving this stone a bit this way, or make a bigger version of the base… Anything until this pair of designer earrings is perfect.

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Finally, I try the designer earrings in a ser of real women. This way I can ensure that the design is correct, flattering and true to my inspiration. I can gather real feedback about the comfort, fit and durability of the materials and make corrections before I can make more units.

best designer earrings 2020

So this is how you make designer earrings! Whether or not you are a big name, making designer earrings involves a lot of back and forth which is driven by passion.

Big Earrings

Big Indian earrings or large earrings, in general, are another very important part of our collection. There is nothing better than a big pair of earrings to go to the office if you are like enough to work for a creative industry like fashion, television, advertising, or many others that tend to hire creative people and give their employees the freedom to exercise their own fashion choices. I like to wear big earrings any day for a business meeting, or for going out on a lunch or dinner date. I also wear big earrings in the evening and, of course, for special events like awards, birthdays etc.

But above all those occasions rises THE occasion: Weddings. For a wedding, baptism or any other big family and friends gathering you must wear a gorgeous pair of big earrings that elevates your look. Your choice of big earrings should be something that flatters your facial expression, body type, length of the neck and most importantly your clothes and accessories.

Big earrings could be for example a pair of large round earrings in the shape of a big chandelier earring, or it would be a beautiful pair of big long earrings. There are plenty of choices and shapes, even big stud earrings.

I don’t know about you but I always fall in love with the red carpet looks and the incredible big statement earrings celebrities wear in these events. Some are very extravagant, but fashion is about self-expression, so the right choice is always the one that makes you feel good – there is no question about that. Some other Hollywood and Bollywood go for more subtle choices (not many) and possibly the safest of all which is a red dress with a big pair of golden earrings.

My collection has mostly big earrings because this is what I love doing. At the end of the day, big earrings are the fashion accessory that accompanies you in the most important moments of your life. And you don’t need to spend a fortune since there are really good designs for under 80€ (or $90).

Bombay Sunset’s designer earrings are of exceptional quality and finish that can be a match to the biggest name in fashion. Both the inspiration and playfulness of the design, and their actual finish will complete your look for any occasion.

Designer Earring Studs

Another type of great designer earring is stud earrings. These don’t usually have a drop and can range from a single stone to a cluster of many stones in the oval shape of more round, without a drop.

For example, here at Bombay Sunset, we have the Maldives Stud Earrings which is a stone with a small base, and we have the Dragon’s Egg which is a set of many stones in a much bigger stud shape formation. Both are stud designer earrings and they are completely different from each other and they may be used in entirely different occasions. Personally, I could wear the Maldives Stud Earrings any day really whereas the Dragon’s Egg I would keep for a dinner party or other more formal occasions.

Tip! The Maldives stud earrings have a matching ring to go with it which would make the perfect gift!

Designer Earrings Gold

All our designer earrings are gold-plated or have a gold bath. However, I love experimenting and I can use many different types of plating. For example, lately, I have been doing a lot of rose gold plating which is essentially gold high a slightly higher percentage of copper in the mix. But besides experimentation, gold plating is my favourite type of plating and I’m sure you have noticed that most of my designer earrings collection is gold plated. This provides the best quality, look and feel to my designs.

Among my favourite gold plated designer earrings are the Bright Sun which was inspired by a sunset, an experience very dear to me. The look of this gorgeous pair of earrings is very complete; however, it is all down to a very high-quality gold plating and a rich Kundan stone in the centre.

The Dream Cage Earrings are also a great example of the beauty that can be conveyed by a pair of gold plated earrings. This design has a nature-inspired cluster of leaves and flowers on top, and a cage with a bird.

Long Earrings

I love long earrings (I’m sure this isn’t taking you by surprise!) I love all types of designer earrings, but long earrings have a special place in my heart. Long earrings are always the most elegant option if you are attending a wedding, graduation, baptism or any major event with family and friends. Long earrings elongate your neck and are the most flattering option to make you look slimmer and taller. Long earrings can also play a beautiful visual effect because they can be quite big earrings, but they are lighter in weight than other types of more bulky big earrings.

Within long earrings, my favourite option which I want to talk to you about is the Tear Drop Long Earrings. It is not heavy at all and looks amazingly elegant for your party look. It has tens of incrusted zircons which are an incredible stone to lighten your look.

Party Earrings

Bombay Sunset is the home of Bombay Earrings! In fact, the greater majority of my earrings are party earrings or earrings that you can wear at parties, important meetings, family celebrations, weddings and other big days of your life. At a party, all eyes are on women to see what they will be wearing. We spend days if not weeks thinking about the perfect look that we want to wear, and another good few days piecing it together until we find options that make us look our best. Then, during the actual party, our friends and family will act like paparazzi takings lots of pictures that will accompany us forever. So don’t miss the chance to look stunning or else chances are pictures will hunt you forever on social media!

Indian Earrings

I am from India and therefore India plays a key role when it comes to gathering inspiration for my designs. However, my inspiration is diverse, and I have designs originating from Spain, Italy and France too. What I love about India are the ancestral techniques we still use to create pieces and the artful craftsmanship of the Indian people.

India has a great tradition of wearing big Indian earrings, and the style is colourful and playful. In India, earrings can never be too big for the occasion and are the thing women will take the most pride in wearing.

India has great creativity in its making and Indian women who travel around the world carry the tradition of Indian jewellery with them.

Cheap Designer Earrings

For me, there is no such thing as “cheap” designer earrings. But I think wearing a great pair of designer earrings doesn’t have to break the bank. For me, designer earrings are more about the technique and love that is put into a design, than it is about the actual price tag. Most of the artisans that collaborate with me in my collection run very small workshops in which work is made by hand following the ancestral techniques of India.

Here is a list of some key designers of earrings that won’t break the bank:

  • Chanel
  • Gucci
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Prada
  • Fendi
  • Givenchy

Earring Hoops

Hoops are among the trendiest categories in the fashion scene this year. Hoop earrings became a trend in 2019 to reach the peak of the trend in 2020 and probably continue into 2021. There are many different types of hoop earrings as hoop refers to the shape but not the size or other earring design features. Jewellery designer Nidhi Patel has a special affection for gold hoop earrings with natural shapes such as the Wild Hoop Earrings, but she has also designed a collection of diamond hoop earrings, small hoop earrings in many sizes and colours.

  • Hoop Earrings with Stones: I love the Andaja Earrings for their incredible shape filled with stones of all shapes. It comes in blue, green and champagne or amber. Choose a champagne colour for looks where you need to wear a neutral tone, and green and blue when you wish to match other elements of your outfit.
  • Small Hoop Earrings: The Andaman earrings are much more subtle and appropriate for any day of the week – from a fancy dinner out to grocery shopping. It comes in gold and rose gold and it has tiny zircons incrusted all over the front face of the earring.
  • Statement hoop earrings: The Cantaora hoops are a big gold hoop with bigger encrusted zircons that will bring luminosity to your face. This is a big hoop earring so it will be a central feature to your look. This earring design is perfect for trendy and contemporary fashion looks.